Herb of the Day: Mandrake

(podophyllum peltatum)

Parts used: Root

Mandrake (American) is a very strong glandular stimulant. It is used for treatment of chronic liver diseases,skin problems,bile flow,digestion,and eliminating obstructions. Mandrake is often combined with supporting herbs to regulate liver and bowels,for uterine disorders and intermittent fevers.It is being used as a natural plant cure for cancer in experiments to destroy cancer cells in test animals. It is a powerful herb and should be used with caution. It should not be used during pregnancy. Mandrake has been said to be a rejuvenator as well as a cure for sterile women.

Aids with: lower bowels,cancer,constipation,indigestion,liverproblems,worms,gallstones,lead poisoning,chronic pain,typhoid fever,warts,whooping cough,syphilis,scrofula,skin problems,



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