Herb of the Day: Licorice

Licorice (Glycyrrhiza glabra)

Parts used: Root

Licorice is one of the most potent provider of estrogen that is found in nature. It is the most used herb for problems of a female nature. Licorice is also a stimulant for the adrenal glands. It has been taken medicinally for thousands of years. It contains a constituent -glycyrrhizic acid- that is 50 time sweeter than sugar.
Some of the most recent studies have shown that licorice is the most effective herb for adrenal conditions and is also beneficial for digestive problems.

Vitamin Content:
Vitamin E
B-Complex Vitamins

Aids with:
Adrenal exhaustion, Addison’s Disease, age spots, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, blood cleanser, bronchial congestion, circulation, colds, constipation, cough, Cushing’s disease, dropsy,drug withdrawal, emphysema, endurance, energy, female complaints, fevers, flu, heart, hoarseness, hypoglycemia, impotency, liver, lung problems, phlegm, throat, tonic, ulcers


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