Herb of the Day: Lady’s Slipper

Lady’s Slipper (Cyprepedium pubescens)
Parts used: The Root

Lady’s slipper has definitely been understudied. It seems to act as a sedative and has been used by Native Americans for centuries as cure for such maladies as insomnia, labor pains, excessive menstruation and an antispasmodic. It is one of the most potent, yet safest herbs in the herb kingdom. Lady’s Slipper does not act immediately, but still works on the entire nervous system. It serves as an excellent pain reliever while it works primarily on the medulla. It helps to regulate such body functions as breathing, sweating, saliva and heart function.

Vitamin Content:
B- Complex Vitamins

Aids with:
Abdominal pain, chorea, colic, cramps, cystic fibrosis, epilepsy, headaches, hysteria, insomnia, muscle spasms, nervousness, neuralgia, pain, restlessness, tremors, typhoid fever


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