Herb of the Day:Horsetail or Shavegrass

Horsetail or Shavegrass:
(equisetum arvense)

Parts used: The Root

Horsetail or shavegrass is used in urinary tract disorders, especially lower tract infections. Horsetail aids in coagulation and helps decrease bleeding. Silicic acid is the most important ingredient, which helps aid the circulation. Research has shown that fraction bones heal much faster when horsetail is taken. Decoction applied externally will stop bleeding of wounds and heal them, and is used as a mouth-wash for infections. Bathing in herbs accelerates the metabolic rate through the skin and makes them especially effective for circulation troubles,swelling of broken bones, chilblains,also pain of rheumatic diseases and gout is relieved.

Vitamins: rich in silicon and selenium, vitamin E, pantothenic acid, PABA, copper, manganese,some sodium, cobalt, iron and iodine

Aids: bladder problems, bleeding internal, circulation problems, dropsy, fevers, glandular disorders, kidney problems,



3 thoughts on “Herb of the Day:Horsetail or Shavegrass

  1. Horsetail can also be used as a Liver detoxifier in a hot tub soak using either fresh or dried Horsetail. The smaller river Horsetail when picked youg is used as a detoxifying tea, dried or fresh.

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