Opinions& Post: Calcium Deficiency

Bones and teeth calcium deficiency:

The bones serve as a storage place for mineral salts ans play an important role in the formation of blood cells. They also give shape to and support the body. Calcium deficiency can cause tooth decay,muscle cramps, nervousness, restlessness,insomnia,and loss of resistance against infections, poor circulation,bronchitis,and colds, among many others. High intake of meat can lead to mineral imbalance,too much phosphorus and too little calcium, which leads to calcium and magnesium deficiency and will result in teeth loss through decay and pyorrhea. Symptoms of calcium deficiency are brittle bones,poor development of bones and teeth,dental caries,rickets,tetany,hyper-irritability,and excessive bleeding. Restlessness, insomnia, muscle cramps,back and leg pain,even asthma and hayfever are symptoms of calcium deficiency. Recently, a meddical researcher says calcium deficiency is the major cause of high blood pressure.

Blessing to you today


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