Herb of the Day:Yarrow

Herb of the day; Yallow
(Archillea millefolium)

This unassuming plant conceals great powers. One small leaf will speed decomposition of a wheelbarrow full of raw compost: yarrow’s root secretions will activate the disease resistance of near by plants, and it intensifies the medical actions of other herbs. Yarrow is also a potent healer. The name (achillea ) may stem from the battle of Troy,when Achilles healed many of his warriors after being instructed in yarrow’s ability to staunch the flow of blood.

uses: (decorative), flower display dried. (culinary) finely chop slightly bitter,peppery young leaves into salads and cheese.( household) Whole plant helps nearby plants to resits disease, Leaf speed decomposition by adding one chopped fresh leaf to each wheelbarrow-load of compost. (cosmetic) flower infused as a facial steam and tonic lotion.(Medicinal) leaf infuse as a tea for digestive problems.
Note: Extended use may make the skin light- sensitive…

Vitamin:A,C,E,and F and some vitamin K,manganese,copper potassium,iodine,and iron

Aids: blood cleaner, bowels ,hemorrhage,catarrh,chicken pox,colds,fevers, flu,hair(falling out),lungs,hemorrhage, measles,nose bleeds,piles,perspiration obstructed,pleurisy, pneumonia,rheumatism,smallpox,typhoid fever,brights disease,bronchitis,burns,sweating(promotes,
Note: Mothers to be MUST always talk to their doctor before using ANY HERBS,,,



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