Herb of the Day: Hops

Hops (humulus lupulus)

Parts used: Flower

Hops: it’s not just for beer anymore! 🙂 This is a pretty pretty good all around herb beneficial for many ailments. It has sedative properties and is one of the best herbs for nervous disorders. It is strong, but still safe to use. It contains properties that help the appetite and aids in overcoming insomnia. It stimulates the glands and muscles of the stomach and prevents the over activeness of the gastric system.It aids the liver and gall duct and is a safe laxative. The main uses of hops is to reduce nervous tension and as a sleep aid.

Vitamin content:

Aids with:
appetite stimulant, blood cleanser, bronchitis, bruises, cramps, delirium, digestion, dizziness, earache, fevers, gallstones, headaches, hyperactivity, hysteria, insomnia, itching, jaundice, kidney stones, nervousness, neuralgia, pain, sexual desires, skin irritations, toothache, venereal disease, water retention, whooping cough, worms


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