Opinions Nad Misc.Post: Liver

The liver has a vital influence on the emotions of the body.A healthy liver will help in endurance,patience,and perseverance. A sluggish liver,with accumulated toxins can cause nausea,headaches,indigestion,loss of appetite,constipation,pain in the right side,cold sweats,jaundice.The three most common liver diseases are: liver cancer,cirrhosis,and hepatitis.
Herbs that help the liver , Barberry, corrects liver secretions (causes the bile to flow more freely), Cramp Bark- good for congestion and hardening of the liver, Fennel, helps move waste material out of body, Catnip use as a tonic to strengthen the liver and gall bladder, Liverwort, vitamin K and other nutrients important to strengthens the liver,heals the damaged liver.



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