How To of the Day: Natural Insecticide

This one is a great insecticide, but be careful because it can be dangerous. This is definitely an old recipe, but is probably the easiest one to make. It can be used in flower gardens, but I highly recommend NOT using it in your vegetable garden. You can use it to eliminate any insect pest around your home. My grandfather used to get pretty mad at my grandmother for using up his cigars, but at least there was no insects around our home.

Please, please, please be very careful with this mixture, especially around children.

4 large cigars or one can chewing tobacco
1 gallon water

1. Take the cigars or can of tobacco and put into a cheesecloth or muslin cloth pouch.
2. Put the pouch into large 1 or 2 gallon glass jar (with lid). Pour water into jar and set out in the open like you would with sun tea. Let set for at least a day or until the water is dark brown.
3. Strain the mixture through another piece of cheesecloth or muslin to make sure to remove all debris. Pour strained mixture into 1 gallon pump sprayer and spray affected areas until it runs off.
4. If your house is infested with insects, spray this mixture around the perimeter of your home, onto the foundation and out about 2 feet.
5. Nicotine is a very dangerous chemical and care should be taken when using this mixture. I recommend wearing unlined rubber gloves when handling. It is indiscriminate and kills all insects, including honey bees.


5 thoughts on “How To of the Day: Natural Insecticide

  1. Yes this works.
    It was once called Black Leaf 40
    The government took it off the market several years ago. I found the recipe and used it.

  2. I have heard of this one before. One Prof I used to work with once needed to kill the insects which were eating the plants in his office. He suggested asking the smokers for a spare cigarette. He said would then extract it with water and apply the solution to the plants.

    The problem with nicotine is that it is very easy to absorb through intact skin. I would be inclined to use a different insecticide such as Pyrethrum. It is much less toxic to humans and pets than nicotine. It comes from a flower.

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