Herb of the Day: Hawthorn

Hawthorn (Crategnus oxyacantha)
Parts used: Berries

Hawthorn is a great herb if you are suffering from insomnia. For centuries, a poultice made with the crushed berries was used to draw out thorns and splinters. The berries were used for nervousness and also for preventing miscarriages. Regular use of hawthorn will strengthen the heart muscles. It has been recommended for the prevention of arteriosclerosis and helps conditions like rapid and feeble heart action, heart valve defects, enlarged heart, angina pectoris and difficult breathing owing to ineffective heart action and lack of oxygen in the blood.
Some herbalists recommend taking hawthorn before there are any symptoms present.

Vitamin content:
Vitamin B-complex
Vitamin C

Aids with:
Angina, antiseptic, arteriosclerosis, arthritis, cardiac symptoms, congestive heart failure, dropsy, enlarged heart, hardened arteries, heart palpitation, high blood pressure, hypoglycemia, insomnia, kidney problems, low blood pressure, miscarriage, rheumatism, sore throat


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