Herb of the Day:Golden Seal

Golden Seal (Hydrastis canadensis)

Parts used: Rhizome and Root

Golden Seal Has been recommended as a way of boosting a sluggish glandular system The action of the herb goes directly into the blood stream and helps regulate the liver functions.It has a natural antibiotic ability to stop infections and kill poisons in the system.NOTE: PREGNANT Women SHOULD NOT USE IT.Golden Seal is valuable for all catarrhal conditions in the nasal area,bronchial tubes,throat,intestines,stomach,and bladder. It has the ability to heal mucous membranes any where in the body.It ranks high as one of the best aids in the herbal kingdom. If a person has low blood sugar ,substitute myrrh instead of Golden Seal.

Vitamin content: A,C,B complex,E,F,calcium,cooper,potassium,lots of phosphorus,manganese,iron,zinc,and sodium.

Aids with: antibiotic,antiseptic,bleeding internal,cancer,colon inflammation,eye infections,hemorrhaging internal,infections,insect repellent,liver problems,menstruation excessive,mouth sores ring worm,tonsillits,ulceration skin,vaginitis,venereal disease.



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