How to: Make a Tonic Wine

Tonic wines are the best way to take strengthening and tonic herbs to increase vitality and improve digestion.

The best way to make a tonic wine is in a jar or ceramic vat with a tap at the base so you can get the wine without disturbing the herbs.

The best ratio of wine to herbs is:
3.5 ounces dried herb
1 liter bottle wine (white or red.
Drink 1/3 cup per day before meal

Place the herb in a large, clean glass jar or ceramic vat. Pour in enough wine to completely cover the herbs and then put the lid on the vessel and shake carefully. You are just trying to make sure all the herb is covered with wine.
Let this stand for 6 weeks. After the waiting period, drink one dose a day before a meal. Top off the mixture with the wine you had left over from the 1 liter bottle. Once the 1 liter bottle is used up, then it is time to start again with new herbs and another bottle of wine.

If the herbs become moldy, you must throw away and start again. You can store this on the counter, best not to store in a warm, dark place!


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