Herb of the Day: Gentian

Gentian (Gentiana lutea)

Parts used: Root

Gentian has a special place in the herb kingdom due to the fact that it does not cause constipation. Gentian has the ability to stimulate the bitter sensors on the tongue that increase the production of saliva and gastric secretions. It stimulates the digestive system and helps to stimulate appetite.
Gentian is rich in natural sugars and is useful for strengthening the pancreas, the spleen and the kidneys.

Vitamin Content:
Vitamin B-complex
Vitamin F

Aids With:
Amenorrhea, anemia, antidote (poison), bites, blood, bruises, constipation, cramps, debility, diarrhea, fevers, gout, heartburn, hysteria, jaundice, joint inflammation, nausea, scrofula, spleen disorders, stomach problems, sprains, urinary infections, worms, wounds


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