Herb of the Day:Figwort

(Scrophularia nodosa)

Parts used: The herb and Root

Figwort helps the digestive organs by providing hormone like materials
into the system. It effects the in the entire body. It is used as a
poultice for ulcers,piles,scrofulous glands in the neck,sores,wounds
and toothaches.In Wales they used it to treat circulatory disorders and especially good at reducing varicose veins.It will lessen high blood pressure,also is efficient pain killer when nothing stronger is at hand.
Good as a skin medication used for eczema,scabies,tumors,and rashes.

Aids With:

Skin diseases,tumors,worms,nigthmares,kidneys,insomnia,impetigo,
hemorrhoids,fever,eczema,cuts,cradle cap,burns athletes foot,anxiety,abrasions,digestive organs.

Have a Blessing to day


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