Herb Recipe of the Day: Acne Remover

This is probably one of the easiest ways to remove acne without going to all the trouble to make a cream or lotion. One of the best ways to help keep acne away is to change your diet. Soda, sugars, fats and too much dairy products contribute to acne. Try to keep your skin clean, but if you wash with harsh soaps, it could do more damage than help.
When I was a kid, we used Ivory soap for our skin. I never really had too many problems with zits, but when I was a kid soda and chocolate and fast food wasn’t a daily staple to my diet. Well, enough talking, on to the remedies!

Acne Wash
After washing or gently cleansing your face make an infusion. (If you don’t know how to make an infusion see How To: Make an Infusion in my How To section.)

When making this recipe I used the dried herbs. If you use fresh herbs double what the recipe calls for.
1 quart water
1 tbsp Chamomile – purifying
1 tbsp Yarrow – eliminates toxins
2 tbsp Catnip – antiseptic
1 tbsp Lavender – calming and antiseptic
1 tbsp Thyme – strong germ killer

After making this infusion store in the refrigerator.

I recommend using this 3 times a day. I know it can be difficult to get your kids to do anything on a regular basis. Just let them know that this will help them get rid of the acne and maybe you won’t have to persuade them too hard. 🙂

1. After shower or after lightly washing face with a gentle soap. (Use a gentle soap that doesn’t leave alot of residue. Personally, I suggest Ivory soap) Take a cup of the infusion and rinse face. Let dry naturally and try not to use a towel to dry.
2. A few times a day get a rag or washcloth wet with pure lemon juice and gently pat the affected areas with it. Lemon juice helps kill germs, reduces inflammation and improves blood circulation
3. Apply a calendula lotion to the affected areas to help speed up the healing process. If you want a recipe for calendula cream email me and I will post one this week.


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