How to of the Day: Get Rid of Nausea

I know that this is similar to another post that I had, but I just saw it on Mythbusters the other day. It’s nice when science backs up our knowledge about natural healing. The episode was about various methods of getting ready for travel.
Of course, they did use the typical chemical treatments. The one that stood out to me was the use of one of the best nausea busters that I know of: Ginger
I love ginger and I always have. My son definitely does not like ginger….at all. I have to practically twist his arm to get him to take it when he’s down with a cold. (Personally I think he just tells me he takes it and then dumps it down the sink when I’m not looking) That’s okay with me though, it’s his cold and if he likes it that much, then he can have it.
On to the remedy: Take one ginger capsule about an hour before you travel and you won’t have the problem of needing the little bag they give some people when they fly. You can also put about 1/2 teaspoon in 2 ounces of water and have a glass of water as a chaser.
There is also eucalyptus. One drop of oil on your tongue about an hour before you travel will have the same result, but I can’t guarantee how it will taste.
Well, for those you who suffer from travel sickness and would like to try an alternative method of relief, then use the ginger. If you are a sceptic and don’t think that this will work, just watch Mythbusters and you’ll see that it is scientifically proven. 😀


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