Recipes for mature pet meal: Adult Dog,Cats

I came on this recipe a few years ago,because I have older cats and dogs. They do not need a lot of protein a lot of meat is not good for them. I notice their coats was glossier and they have more energy and a lot happier,with this diet.


16 oz. fresh lamb or duck or turkey (remove all bones)
7 oz. spring water with 5 drops liquid Concern Trace
9 oz. cooked old fashion oats(first 3 oz. for cats)
9 oz. pureed zucchini,carrots,broccoli,cauliflower,artichoke hearts,
alfalfa sprouts (first 3oz for cats)
1 tab. beet juice powder
1 tab barley powder
1 tsp. liquid aged garlic extract
1 tsp.cold pressed flax seed oil
1 tsp. cod liver oil
1 tsp. wheat germ oil

Blend everything together in a blender to the consistency of a
thick porridge or chili. refrigerate for three hours. Or last for 6 mo.
in if frozen.

Cats and dogs need more fiber for intestinal health.It keeps them
from becoming obese.

Have a Blessing today


1 tsp. wheat germ oil


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