Opininon of the Day: Herb Use

Today more than ever we must go to the use of Herbs I believe. Our country is the USA of America is loosing more and more of its rights. What we eat and how we live,and how we fish. You can live with good health and food. When I was growing up,my Grandparents Never bought from the stores. They grew their food and dried the Herbs. They canned vegetables,smoked fish,canned meats,and smoked. They had a root cellar,We all work doing these things. I learned to cook,bake,fish,canning,all through my living whit them. We never went hungry nor to the doctors This is why I stated the web site and blog. To help and learn from others.In the mean time when our America is going the wrong way we can help help all we can.
I hope for a blessing today

God Bless



2 thoughts on “Opininon of the Day: Herb Use

  1. With the side effects of alot of medicines being worse then what they treat, herbs sure do seem a better choice. I still can, dry foods and grow most of what we eat. I also grow many herbs and are adding more this year.

    • Hello Marsha,
      Yes Marsha medicines only a experiment I believe So are Herbs. But Herbs has been around till the start of life and has been handed down to us by others. And has been proven to work Our fore fathers and our Indians has used them for years. They had nothing but Herbs to use. We learn form them,and the Good Lord. The herbalists of the world help us. We are born to die as I have always been told,but why not live as good as we can? A prayer and a little herb is what I have been told. Every time I see tv of medicines side effects I say no thank you.
      Thank for your reply.

      Have a blessing today


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