Herb of the Day: Elecampane

Elecampane (inula helenium)
Parts used: Root

Elecampane has been used for centuries, Ancient Romans used it as both a food and, of course, a herbal medicine. It is an expectorant, helps retain water, lessen tooth decay and is also good for intestinal worms. It has one of the richest sources of natural insulin in the herb kingdom.
Legend has it that Helen of Troy carried it in her hand as she left with Paris to live with him in Troy. That is where its botanical name derives from.

Vitamin content:

Aids with:
Asthma, bladder catarrh, bronchitis, convulsions, coughs, cramps, digestion, female problems, lungs, menstrual problems, phlegm, poison (counteracts), stomach tonic, urethra, whooping cough, worms


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