Herb Recipe of the Day: Wart Removing Cream

Wart Removing Cream

No one likes warts. They are unsightly and sometimes painful and are caused by a virus. This cream will help remove warts, corns and acne. Of, course, if you want you can always do it the painful way and freeze it off, or go to the doctor and burn it off. 🙂
You will need to apply this cream for at least a week, and you will definitely notice a difference.

Equipment needed
Glass bowl
Sauce pan
Wine press or sieve
Muslin or cheese cloth
Butter knife or small rubber spatula
Dark glass or metal container to keep light out

1/2 cup dried buckthorn bark & berries
3 tbsp garlic powder
1/4 cup mandrake root (this is ONLY to be used externally and could be hard to find in some areas. Call The Herb Lady at 503-364-7242 if you can’t get it locally. This is where I have gotten it in the past.)
1/3 cup papaya juice (try to get it organic if you can)
2 tsp dandelion stem juice (you will have to pick a bunch and press it out. This shouldn’t be hard to find, just look in your neighbor’s yard)
5 oz emulsifying wax or allantoin
2.5 oz glycerine
1 cup water

1. Melt the emulsifying wax or allantoin in a glass jar that is in the saucepan (poor man’s double boiler, heat water in the saucepan and set the glass bowl in the saucepan to melt the wax.) After wax is melted, add the glycerin, water and herb(s) while continually stirring until all ingredients are well mixed.
2. Turn down heat to simmer. Simmer for 3 hours.
3. Strain mixture through a wine press or sieve, using muslin or cheese cloth to catch the particles.
4. Stir continuously until it cools and sets.
5. With the small knife or spatula, place the set cream into your container.
6. Tighten lids and label.
7. Store in refrigerator as soon as possible.


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