Herb of the Day:Cramp Bark

cramp bark(viburnum opulus)

Parts used: bark and berries

Cramp bark is considered a very valuable herb. It is a uterine sedative and spasmodic. It is the best relaxant to the ovaries and uterus. The berries are used fresh or dried for high blood pressure,heart problems(with seeds). cough,colds,lungs,kidneys,bleeding and stomach ulcers.It is the best female regulators in nature. The berry is sometimes used like cranberries.

Vitamins content:
calcium,potassium,magnesium,K and C

Aids with
palpitation,leg cramps,lock jar,miscarriage,ovarian irritations spasms,urinary problems,rheumatism,jaundice,hypertension,hysteria,constipation,colic,dysentery

Have a Blessing today.



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