Herb of the Day: Cornsilk

This Herb is what my Aunts and Grandmother used for high blood pressure they would put it on their food in the day and eat it.They would dry it and have it all year, corn silk is used for other things also.

Parts Used: Silk
(Stigmata maidis)

Corn silk is used for complaints of the bladder. Doctors have used it as a diuretic and conditions of cystitis.It has a cleaning effect on the circulation of urea, also valuable in the treatment of renal and cystic
inflammations. It will clean the cystic membrane in cystic catarrh,
and will manifest antiseptic powers in morbid deposits.

Corn is rich in vitamin K,vitamin B, PABA and silicon

Used for

Arteriosclerosis Heart trouble
High blood pressure Kidney Problems
Obesity Prostate
Urinary problems
Bed wetting
Bladder Problems

Have a Blessing of a day



2 thoughts on “Herb of the Day: Cornsilk

  1. I never knew the power of cornsilk,i would like to
    find a medicine made of it since is not easy to get
    alot of it;it is there any?

    • Hello luis,
      Thank You for visiting, I do sell it ,it is 85.an oz. Corn Silk is the grass or tassel on top of the era of corn than they make a powder out of it. You can make a tea out of it about 2 tsp.in a cup of hot water let it set for 10-15 minutes. Which I do. But do not over use it can lead to drug resistant bacteria.

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