Herb Recipe of the Day: Light Rose Moisturizer

When we get older, we tend to use more products that take care of our skin. The skin is the most important organ on our body, so really we should take care of it from birth. Here is a great moisturizing cream.

Light Rose Moisturizer

1 tsp beeswax
1 tsp lanolin
1 tbsp almond oil
1/2 tsp wheat germ oil
1/4 tsp borax
3 tbsp rosewater, warmed
6 drops rose essential oil
optional, a few drops red food coloring

1. Melt beeswax and lanolin together, stir constantly
2. Warm the oils slowly and then stir them into the waxes. Dissolve the borax in the rosewater and slowly add the oil and wax mixture, beat constantly until cooled. Stir in the rose oil as the mixture begins to thicken
3. Spoon into jars and label


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