Herb of the Day: Centaury

Centaury (Erythraeu centaurium)
Parts used: The whole herb, leaves, stem, root

Centaury is a good herb for increasing appetite and it also strengthens the digestive system. It is a blood purifier and good for rheumatism. For the elderly, it helps strengthen the bladder and for children can be used for bed wetting. Centaury also strengthens the gall bladder.
Centaury helps to prevent periodic febrile diseases, dyspepsia, and stopping fevers. Like Comfrey, it is also beneficial for healing wounds.
Centaury strengthens the heart, stomach, liver, generative organs and the nervous system

Aids with:
Bed wetting, Blood purifier, Digestion promoter, Eczema, Fevers, High Blood Pressure, Gall Bladder, Jaundice, Liver, Menstruation promoter, Rheumatism, Sores (external), Ulcers, Worms, Wounds (external)


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