Food Recipe of the Day: Mock Sausage (Vegetarian)

I guess I have to add the occasional vegetarian dish. I don’t eat as much meat as I used to and this recipe is pretty good. This isn’t a VEGAN dish, as there are eggs, but it is about as close to vegetarian as most people who eat meat will go.

1 cup dried Lima beans or
3 cups cooked beans of any kind
2/3 cup bread crumbs
3 eggs
2 tbs fat (lard for flavor)
1/2 tsp sage
Season to taste (thyme, basil, etc)
Pinch of salt
Pinch of pepper

Pick over and wash bean, soak and set over night
Drain, cook in boiling salted water until tender, then force through a strainer.
Add remaining ingredients, shape into form of sausages, roll in crumbs, egg, then crumbs again.
Saute until brown. Serve with tomato sauce

This recipe makes 6-8 sausages, 3″ long and 3/4″ thick. Accompany with some milk, egg or cheese dish


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