How to: Make a Hot Infused Oil

Earlier I posted on how to make a Cold Infused Oil, this is obviously similar, but sometimes it takes a little heat to remove the beneficial properties of herbs, and of course, it is much, much faster. A hot infused oil can last up to a year, but it is most potent the fresher it is. So, don’t make so much that you can’t use it all up before it goes bad.

Many herbs make great hot infused oils, most especially the “spicy” herbs like ginger, cayenne, and pepper. Hot infused oils can be used for many different applications, like rheumatism, arthritis, healing wounds, improving blood flow, relaxing muscles and many more.

Let’s get on to the how to:

8 oz. fresh herb(s); chopped fine
3 cups olive, sunflower or other good quality vegetable oil.

Equipment needed:
Glass Bowl
Saucepan (make sure that the glass bowl will easily fit inside)
Muslin or cheese cloth
Winepress or jug
Dark glass or ceramic container with airtight lid

1. Stir the finely chopped herb(s) and oil together into the glass bowl.
2. Put water into the saucepan and set the bowl inside
3. Turn on the heat until the water boils
4. Once the water starts to boil, turn heat down and cover the bowl. Allow to simmer for 2 hours
5. Remove from stove and allow to cool
6. Pour into winepress (or through muslin or cheese cloth). Squeeze out as much of the oil as you can.
7. Pour this into your dark glass container and label. (Don’t forget to label or you’ll be sorrrrry!)

Store in a cool, dark place. It will last up to a year, but is best if used within 6 months.

Keep your eye on this blog, I have some great hot infused oil recipes coming soon.


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