Recipe of the Day: Varicose Vein Wash

Because I’m old, you will see many recipes for us old people, but the good thing about this recipe is it is great for hemorrhoids too. This one is fairly straightforward and easy to make.

Varicose veins are caused by a weakness, or increased pressure, in the veins. Unfortunately, it causes the supporting walls of the veins to bulge out, resulting in distended veins and pooling of the blood.

Some simple things that will help with varicose veins are to not wear tight clothes around the waist and legs. Try to maintain regular bowel movements to help ease hemorrhoids.

2 cups Witch hazel
1/4 cup yarrow; if fresh double
1/4 cup calendula; if fresh double
1/4 cup black walnut; if fresh double
1/4 cup marigold; if fresh double
1/4 cup myrrh

1. Instead of water, use the witch hazel and put into a saucepan
2. Heat, but don’t boil, and add the herbs
3. Stir continually, but make sure you don’t let it boil until all of the myrrh resin dissolves
4. Remove from heat and strain through cheese or muslin cloth
5. Put into container with a lid and store in the refrigerator
6. Apply to affected area using a cotton ball


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