How to: Make a Natural First Aid Kit

It is a great idea to add herbal remedies to your first aid kit. It increases the options available for you and your family when accidents happen or illness strikes. There are 13 remedies in this first aid kit that can be found in pharmacies, herbal stores and health food stores. Of course, you can make some of these home-made, and I will be sure to post some of the recipes soon. For some of these items see (How to Make a Salve) and you can buy the bulk herbs at
Here is the list
1 sterile bandage
1 thermometer
Package of band-aids (these are fairly easy to make)
1 bottle Feverfew capsules (for headaches & migraines)
1 bottle slippery elm (coughs and digestive upsets)
1 bottle echinacea (cold, flu and infections)
1 bottle lavender essential oil (insect bites/stings, burns, headaches)
1 tube comfrey ointment (or make it a salve) (bruises, sprains and helps heal fractures)
1 bottle tea tree oil (antiseptic and antifungal)
1 bottle valerian (stress, insomnia)
1 tube marigold cream (inflamed or minor wounds, skin rashes and sunburn)
1 bottle myrrh tincture (sore throats and acne)
1 bottle thyme syrup (coughs, colds and chest infections)
1 bottle witch hazel (healing cuts and scrapes)
1 tube arnica gel (bruises, muscle pain)
1 bottle garlic capsules ( infections, oil of capsules for earache)

This is pretty much all you would need for anything except a life or death emergency. Great for survivalists.


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