Herb of the Day: Blue Cohosh

Not quite as well known as Black Cohosh, Blue Cohosh has antibacterial properties and qualities that aid the nervous system. It is good in stopping spasms in the body, relieves muscle cramps and helps relieve pain from menstrual cramps.
For women in labor, it helps stretch the uterus to make delivery better for the woman and the baby. Blue Cohosh has emmenogogue (an agent that promotes menstrual discharge) properties, because of this, blue cohosh should not be taken by pregnant women. Blue cohosh should be taken in combination with other herbs, such as Black cohosh.

Vitamin content
Vitamin E, B-complex, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus and potassium

Aids with
Ague, bladder infection, colic, convulsions, cramps, diabetes, dropsy, epilepsy, fits, high blood pressure, labor (induces), leucorrhea, menstruation, nerves, neuralgia, pregnancy disorders, spasms, uterine problems, vaginitis


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