How to of the Day: Cold Infused Oil

Making a cold infused oil is a very slow process that usually takes several weeks.The flowers and oil are packed into a jar and left to soak out the extract from the herb. These are most usually used in massage oils or as the base for creams and ointments.

Equipment needed
Large glass mason jar with lid
Jelly bag and string or muslin bag and wine press
Large jug
Airtight, sterilized, dark glass storage bottle

Aerial parts, flowers of herb of choice (fresh or dried)
Approx. 1 liter cold-pressed safflower oil or walnut oil
1. Pack large jar tightly with the herb(s) of your choice and saturate it completely with oil. Put lid on jar and leave in a sunny windowsill, or in a greenhouse for 2-3 weeks
2. Pour the mixture into a jelly bag fitted with string or an elastic band to the rim of a jug. or us a muslin bag and a wine press.
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2 with new herb and the once-infused oil. After 2-3 weeks, strain once more and pour into storage bottles, use the funnel if necessary.

Example herbs
Melilot – (use dried herb) for varicose eczema
Pot Marigold (fresh or dried) for scrapes, dry eczema and fungal infections (athlete’s foot, jock itch)
St. John’s Wort for sunburn, minor scalds and burns, scratches and inflamed joints

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