How To: Make a tincure

First, just what is a tincture? Tinctures are compounds of herbal extract usually made with alcohol or even vinegar. They can be kept for long periods because alcohol and vinegar are great preservatives. Tinctures are useful for herbs that taste bad or herbs that are going to be taken long-term. They are also useful as liniments. Tinctures are often made with strong herbs (ie. wormwood, black walnut) that can’t be taken as a tea. Anyone who has ever taken wormwood could tell you that wormwood tea is unpalatable.

4 oz of chosen herb
1 pint alcohol (vodka, brandy , gin or rum) (I usually use either Bacardi 151 or even Everclear due to its high alcohol content)

Combine the 4 ounces of herb and the pint of alcohol into a container that can be sealed airtight. Shake the mixture daily for 2 weeks. After the 2 weeks, strain the mixture with cheese cloth or a tea strainer to remove everything but the alcohol. You can even use the bottle that the alcohol came in.
These tinctures are very convenient for external application. If you are using this tincture for your pet, it would be better to use vinegar rather than alcohol.

Sample Recipe
2 ounces wormwood
2 ounces black walnut
1 pint Everclear

Make your tincture as directed above. This tincture is great for intestinal parasites such as worms, it can also be used topically for ringworm.


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